About Me

I have a passion for digital design and how it can be integrated unobtrusively into people’s lives to create a positive impact.

I have completed a Bachelor of Information Technology/Fine Arts (Interactive and Visual Design) from the Queensland University of Technology.

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A World Without

Shifting Baseline Syndrome describes the incremental lowering of human environmental expectations. This is a result of each new generation defining what is ’normal’ according to their current environmental conditions. The acceptable environmental thresholds are lowered with each generation.

A World Without combats these misconceptions by highlighting the rapidly declining state of our planet in comparison to animal lifespans. For example, The oldest turtle has never known a world without plastic.

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A World Without

Fake News

A print series of three information visualisations on social media focusing on the distribution and impact of Fake News.

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Fake News

Design Process

A visual and interactive representation of my design process created in the course of my studies.

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Design Process


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